WM Coffman Stair Building Guide

The WM Coffman Stair Building Guide is the first comprehensive industry-leading visual book on stair building. It is an excellent training and reference guide for everyone involved with the purchasing, sales and installation of stair parts. Detailed instructions, illustrations and reference tables make this step-by-step guide invaluable for everyone from the beginning carpenter to the experienced installer.


Chapter 1 - STAIR BASICS

Covers basic stair terminology and concepts.


Information on specific stair parts and their uses. Learn to confidently and accurately develop a material parts list.

Chapter 3 - ROUGH STAIR

Covers basic aspects of the rough-end portion of stair building and design.

Chapter 4 - STAIR BODY

Full instructions on the finished stair body. Installation of skirtboards, treads, starting steps, risers, landing tread, decorative tread brackets, and cove and shoe mouldings, along with tread and riser caps, are covered in detail.


The layout of the balustrade center line is one of the most important considerations at the start of any installation. Topics include standard placements along with sometime necessary alternatives.

Chapter 6 - NEWELS

Installed first in the balustrade portion of the installation, this chapter covers all aspects of both Post-to-Post and Over-the-Post newel applications.


Topics include cutting, attaching, and terminating both PTP and OTP systems, along with full coverage of specialty fitting applications.

Chapter 8 - BALUSTERS

Contains all aspects of baluster installation, including permanent attachment of the rail system.

Chapter 9 - CURVED RAIL

Curved rail systems are easily understood with this in-depth section.

Chapter 11 - IRON

A complete look at the installation of Coffman’s Iron Balustrade Collection.

Chapter 12 - HARDWARE

Easy to reference information on installation hardware used throughout the guide.

Chapter 13 - REFERENCE

Charts and Miscellaneous Reference Information.

Chapter 14 - GLOSSARY / INDEX